We are back in the Studio again and I will be running numerous workshops, covering a wide range of ceramic processes and techniques. If you are interested in any of these please contact me for dates, times and rates etc. Some of the workshops I present are:

The Mould Making Revolution.

This basic mould making workshop presents and introduction to the mould making process as well as introduce the revolutionary paper plaster method which has changed my approach to mould making forever. Introduced to me by Sandra Black as taught by Trudy Golley this is an excellent introduction to mould making as well as a great new method for those more experienced in this area. This method uses about 75% less plaster than is usually used for mould making. In this workshop I will also be demonstrating and taking the mystery out of slip casting. You will learn how to make a casting slip from any clay body you are using and also how to adjust your casting slip for best results. 

The Professional Image.

Amongst the subjects covered in this presentation are:

  • Your marketing material
  • Creating a promotional package
  • Pricing
  • Approaching potential outlets
  • Record Keeping
  • Exhibitions & Competitions
  • Display
  • Online opportunities
  • Social Networks
  • Websites and blogs

In these times of financial restraint we need to pay more attention than ever to the marketing and promotion of our work but for many this is the the area that is met with the most resistance.

What are you doing to get your work known? In this session we will look at various ways of how to go about promoting yourself and your work without spending much money. Also discussed will be the importance of creating your ‘brand’ and positioning yourself in the market.

Image Transfer on Clay

Today the use of digital transfer on ceramics is more popular than ever. This exciting workshop covers ways of transferring images onto your work using a variety of methods. You will learn how to make your own decals using a normal laser printer as well as other methods of surface enhancement using photocopiers and printers, as well as photolithographic and other transfer methods that you can do yourself without costly equipment. In the workshop you will get an opportunity to try the process so that you are able to implement it on to your own work immediately.

 Porcelain Demystified

Porcelain is one of the most alluring and seductive materials and has a great appeal to many ceramists. Unfortunately there are also a number of challenges to using this material. My aim in this workshop is to remove the fear and to give you a better understanding of working with porcelain.
In the presentation I will address the following aspects of working with this amazing material: Making methods, Surface treatments, Glazing, Firing and firing schedules, firing precautions, Post firing and finishing.

Your Kiln, everything you should know

Your kiln is probably the most expensive piece of equipment in your studio and quite often the least understood. How often do you open your kiln only to be disappointed by what you see?

This workshop will assist you to get the most from your kiln, covering the following:

  • Get the results you want from your kiln
  • How to achieve even firings
  • Kiln Packing and kiln furniture
  • Kiln wash and other ways to protect shelves
  • Caring for and prolonging the life of your kiln
  • The importance of drying glazes
  • Firing schedules and critical points when firing
  • Soaking, why and when
  • Creating reduction effects in the electric kiln
  • Glaze flaws and ways to rectify them

Glazes, everything you wanted to know

This workshop will focus on all practical aspects of glazing. Glaze application methods will be discussed and demonstrated as well as ways of keeping glazes consistent. Glaze on glaze decoration as well as ways of creating specialised surfaces using a number of techniques will be covered as well as an introduction to line blending, a method that offers you the opportunity to create your own glazes with little or no technical knowledge.

The Glaze Clinic

This workshop over 5 sessions is presented together with Michelle Legg (M Tech Ceramic design)

On this workshop you will:

  • learn to make your own glazes, with no weighing or formulae
  • Understand ceramic raw materials an their effect on glazes
  • Develop unique individual glazes without any knowledge of chemistry
  • Make glazes for both dipping and brushing
  • Discover tips and techniques to make the glazing process less challenging

This is an opportunity to finally take the fear out of glaze making!

Please Note: It is essential to attend all sessions of the programme

If you would like dates, times and costs or any further information on any of the workshops, or if you have any suggestions for other workshops please contact me.


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