The Mentorship Programme

I have been teaching ceramics in both the formal and informal sector for over fifty years, and for many there is a need to explore aspects of their work in more depth. It is out of recognising this need that my Mentorship programme was born. After running the programme for 10 years I can honestly say that I have been astounded by watching the transformation that occurs in the participants and their work.

I consider one of the most exciting aspects of the creative journey is the discovery of one’s ‘voice’, that which sets them apart. Finding this is probably the major focus of my Mentorship Programme. How do I address this? Over the years that I have been presenting this programme I have found one of the most difficult things for participants to do is to talk about their own work, and to define what it is they want to achieve. Discussing our work we begin to focus on what it is we want to achieve and so begins a journey of engagement that for many has never been considered.

Presented in five one on one sessions of 50 minutes duration. The Mentorship programme is not a practical class, but rather a forum for discussion, assessment and feedback on whatever work you are making. You will be asked to create vision boards and to present them which starts to produce a clearer vision of what it is you wish to achieve in the programme.  You are encouraged to journal and to write about and sketch ideas you have. Also included is the creating of your  artist’s statement as well as producing up to date résumés and other marketing materials that you could use for marketing your work.

The reasons for participating in this programme are numerous, and yet the aim is clear: to give a broader understanding of the ceramic discourse and to take your work to the next level. For many this has proved to be a turning point in their ceramic journey. If you are wanting to stretch the boundaries of your work and to develop your identity through the medium of ceramics, the Mentorship Programme could be just what you are looking for.

Booking is now open for Mentorship 2024. Please contact me for booking details  or any further information you may require.