My relationship with clay began over 50 years ago and I have been teaching ceramics for almost as long. Knowledge and skills transfer and are what make teaching an important part of my own ceramic journey. In these times where few options are available for formal ceramic education, and with my background of teaching both in the formal and informal sectors, I see my role as bridging the gap between these two areas. The joy of assisting in the discovery and exploration of talent is something that is both stimulating and rewarding. Personally, I feel that a life lacking in creative expression is unimaginable and facilitating others on their journey feeds my passion in this area. I currently teach at The Pottery Studio, in Bryanston, Johannesburg. Classes are 3 hours long and my classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Wednesday evenings. All levels of experience are welcome. Beginners can look forward to exploring various clay forming techniques such as pinch pots, hand building and throwing on the wheel, as well as an introduction to mould making. Students engage with the discourse to the degree they wish to and any aspect can be discussed to give a full understanding of the entire ceramic process. Students are encouraged to draw inspiration for their work from their personal experience. Each student works at their own pace, and individuality and originality are encouraged. Contact me for availability and rates.