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Learn new techniques and processes. Personalise your ideas. Increase your skill. Broaden your knowledge. Develop your style.


At this time the following workshops are being offered online: Kilns and KIln Firing, Professional Practice for Ceramists,
Working with Porcelain.


Ignite your ceramic practice. Explore new concepts in your work. Discover your ceramic voice. Realise your potential. Challenge yourself!


About me

I have been making pots since 1970 and in 2000 my experimentation with bone china began and after many tests I produced a body of extreme whiteness with excellent translucency. Bone china still occupies me today. It seems that after all the experimentation, working with a combination of soluble salts and other ceramic pigments in combination with wax resist, I am finally making the work I feel is a true expression of myself. I find the soluble salts to be so different to the oxides with which one usually colours ceramics, not only their subtlety but also the way they gently permeate the surface of the work creating a watercolour effect, My commitment is to the pursuit of excellence in my work, and in this the importance of the journey exceeds that of the destination.

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